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Settica “Septanaizer” liquid skin antiseptic, 5 liters




Settica “Septanaizer” is designed for skin disinfection of hands or feet. It can be used not only by medical professionals, but also in everyday life. In demand in the food industry; in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries; for cleaning the hands of employees of social and community services, children’s institutions, etc.

The antiseptic is packaged in plastic cans of 5 liters. It requires certain precautions: keep away from heat and fire sources, do not inhale, do not swallow, protect eyes.

Settica Antibacterial Sanitizer is an alcohol based transparent liquid or gel. The concentration of isopropyl alcohol 60-70% meets the WHO requirements for antiseptic against viruses. In addition, the product is effective against fungi and bacteria of various types. It also contains water, humectants (glycerin), disinfectants (hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine bigluconate, lactic acid, CHAS), excipients, fragrance and colorant.


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