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Settica “Septanaizer” liquid skin antiseptic, 1 liter




Settica “Septanaizer” is an internationally certified antiseptic for skin treatment. It is intended for hand treatment in medicine and food industry, at home, in hairdressing salons, cleaning and municipal services, etc.

Liquid, transparent and pleasant smelling. It consists of 65-70 % isopropyl alcohol (concentration recommended by WHO for antiviral treatment of hands). In addition, it contains purified water, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine in the form of bigluconate, lactic acid, the quaternary ammonium compound CHAS (a low-toxic disinfectant), glycerin (to soften the skin), vitamin E, dye, fragrance and some other ingredients.

The antiseptic is flammable, it should not be inhaled or swallowed, eyes should be protected. Store the sanitizer in places protected from open flames and heating appliances.


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