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Iodine PM, 50 kg packing




Iodine “pure for analysis” is a granular substance with small (about 1 mm in diameter) granules. The granules are dark gray, with metallic luster and a slight characteristic odor. Practically insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents (benzene, ethanol etc.), water solutions of alkali metal iodides. Heating makes it evaporate as vapor of violet color. Extremely toxic if inhaled or swallowed.

Pure iodine is sometimes found as a mineral, forms part of natural iodides and water (seas, oceans, thermal springs, underground water), is present in plants and animals. It participates in human metabolism. For industrial purposes iodine is extracted from iodide deposits, from drilling water, seaweed.

Highly purified iodine is used in medicine, pharmacology, veterinary medicine, chemical analytics, manufacturing of halogen lamps, high-power gas lasers.


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