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Iodine crystalline Ch, packing 100 grams




Crystalline Iodine C is almost insoluble in water, well soluble in ethanol, solutions of alkali metal iodides, benzene, many organic solvents. It evaporates when heated, passing the melting stage. Vapors have purple color and pungent odor, toxic.

It is used:

In pharmaceuticals for the preparation of antiseptics;
In medical examinations (X-rays, tomography) as contrast agents;
For diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other thyroid disorders iodine-131 is used;
In forensics, as a means of detecting fingerprints;
in metallurgy, for purification of metals;
halogen light sources; gas lasers; liquid crystal displays;
for production of lithium-ion batteries for cars;
in chemical industry – for production of iodine derivatives; artificial rubbers; reagents for analytical research; catalysts;
in the food industry and veterinary – for enriching food and feed with iodine.


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