Use of the term buy research chemicals (translation research chemical) emerged in the 1990s in the US, with a number of internet sellers who claimed to sell a variety of psychoactive chemicals (many of which were similar to chemicals listed in table of drugs) for legitimate research purposes. The sellers thought this marketing strategy would allow them to avoid prosecution under the US Federal Analog Act (Federal Analog Act), which is an amendment to US law on controlled substances (effective 1986). Under this law, any chemical that is structurally and functionally “substantially similar” to a controlled substance in Annex I or II can be treated in the same way, but only if the prosecutor can demonstrate an intention for human consumption.

This is why we see flourish on sales sites “Not for human consumption”. This allows the seller to avoid prosecution in the US, Germany and elsewhere can be!

Many of research chemicals for sale were discovered and tested by Dr Alexander Shulgin, who published his research (synthesis, dosage and comments) in two books: PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story (acronym for “Phenethylamines i Have Known and Loved”) in 1991 studying the psychoactive chemical derivatives of phenethylamine (2C-B, 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7, DOET …) and TiHKAL: the Continuation (acronym for “Tryptamines i Have Known and Loved”) in 1997 that studies the tryptamine (DMT, 4-HO-DBT, 4-HO-DET, 4-HO-DiPT, 4-HO-DMT (psilocin) …)

In recent years, the number of RC on the market explode. In 2011, 49 new psychoactive substances – nearly one a week – were formally notified via the European early warning system. [2] This is more than in previous years (41 reported in 2010, 24 in 2009). And preliminary data for 2012 not portend any decrease. All new drugs reported in 2011 and 2012 are synthetic drugs. As in 2010, two thirds of them are cathinone and synthetic cannabinoids (such as “Spice”). They are essentially made outside Europe: in China, especially, and to a lesser extent, India, identified as the main producing countries.

legal aspect of RC CHEMICALS

For the most part, research chemicals are not regulated. Producers and sellers on internet are not controlled. We can sell you all and anything, the percentage of psychoactive can go from 0 to 100%, and you’re not even sure of receiving the molecule you ordered. Many of the research chemicals are thus in a legal gray area, neither authorized nor banned, though some have been ranked on the list of drugs in France, such as:

the family whole cathinones (mephedrone, 4-MEC, MEC-3, butylone, methylone …) in 2012 [3]
BZP (1-benzylpiperazine) family of Piperazines in 2008 [4]
syntheses of cannabinoids in the “spice” (JWH-018, CP 47.497 and counterparts (C6, C8 and C9) and HU-210) in 2009 [5]
2-CB (substitute phenethylamine) [6], 2-CT-2 [7] 2-CT-7 [8], 2-CI [9] of the series of 2-Cx,
DOM or STP for Serenity-Peace Tranquility, DOET, TMA-2 [10] of the amphetamine family and 2-Cx
4-FA / buy al-lad or 4-fluoroamphetamine [11] or 4-MA or 4-methylamphetamine [12] of the families of amphetamine and phenethylamine.
3-methylfentanyl (3-MF, mefentanyl), the α-methylfentanyl in the family of opioids.

This list is not exhaustive.

The RC 70 make the law obsolete, chemists have always a step ahead, markets a new molecule when the previous is prohibited. However, the ban on the whole family of cathinone in July 2012 inaugurated the so-called “generic classification” [13], which consists of simultaneously classify a substance and its analogs (known or potential) and not to classify one by one the identified molecules.



The full tutorial is here :

1. The choice of the substance
2. Buying
3. The assay
4. Taking
To facilitate reading, some acronyms, neologisms and specific terms are used in this post:
RC = Research Chemicals: psychotropic molecules and developed in the course of the twentieth century and which we do not yet know all the effects (in the medical sense) / risk / pharmacology.
Shop: online store specializing in the sale of Research Chemicals.
Bodyload: unpleasant physical sensation, notorious discomfort (feel like too hot / too cold, not knowing where to go, to be in a nice position, etc).
Sitter: sober person who is responsible for ensuring that you do not spin too were leaving (such mystical trip that’s so cool there’s broken glass shards everywhere but ceypagräv). It’s not the police either, it can have a few beers (not too much: drinkers:) and must interact with you. It is a trustworthy person, and in any case it should play games at the con like “oh like I’ll do bader it’ll be fun.”

1. When landed on the planet RC is a dogma that falls: no there is not ten but psychotropic thousands (at least). Moreover, many of these substances is available for purchase online. Many (including myself included) are taken from compulsive buying desires without being sure to be filled with many effects and more problematic without knowing the dose / duration / risks of these substances.
It is therefore necessary to define what substances might enjoy. Once is not custom, we are on psychonaut, and I would treat here that hallucinogenic substances. My first advice that is worth what it is worth, is the following: I think it is better for a person with no hallucinogenic experience to turn to natural for a smooth start at first (0.5 g Hawaiian, Colombian 1g, 15g trichocereus pachanoi). Why ? Because it may be that you hate hallucinogens (it is a possibility and should be considered), and you will look stupid to try your refourguer 999,5mg of bromo-dragonfly, as the shops do not sell hallucinogenic dose as sells wine by the glass. This is the only advantage of natural / synthetic, for the rest I would not venture into a risky argument about which is better than anything. A molecule remains a molecule, remember. If you are a novice I advise you to go read a book beautiful sheets concocted by our beloved on natural substances moderators.
Another important question to ask when choosing a substance is the duration of effects. It may sound stupid, but everyone does not have the guts to take a slap for mega, 24 (Dox A well balanced) or 48 hours (2C-G-5). I will not do it anyway. Well logically it is not possible to fall on TCB and 2-bromo-dragonfly on other conventional shops, but ask you anyway well over the duration of effects.
The intensity of the effects also play a decisive role. Note also that a hallucinogenic trip is visual and mental. Many people on the forum that require only visual hallucinogen and not wishing to mental effect. Although I prefer to conceive a neophyte experience visual hallucinations, know that mental hallucinations are one hand tremendous Unlockers chakras of the language, and allow you to spend great laughs hours to play semantics, but d the other will give you access to one of the essential components of psychedelic adventure namely the spiritual / cosmos / fractals that’s life, in short, lots of discounts in questions and answers (gaffe , hallucinogens often challenge the pillars of our reasoning, and sometimes it hurts) that will result themselves other issues. Anyway, all this paean to emphasize that the mental effects that’s cool too. However, there are of course many variations between hallucinogens that result in, among others:

Bodyload more or less marked

visual / mental hallucinations ratio more (quite subjective)

Euphony / ear deformities (dextromethorphan will discover the music in a new light and TPD and TIPS are hallucinogens that cause only auditory hallucinations, for example)

Color variations: for example for me the 2c-i takes all the colors to yellow while the 2c-e takes all colors to green, but it is also very subjective.

The feeling: some hallucinogens are more pleasant than others in the felt (4-AcO-DMT from what I’ve read, for example), others are still pretty hardcore.

There are many other components that make each hallucinogen is unique, so do not fool yourself, read and re-read the TR of the substances of interest, and not just one! Erowid is a fairly comprehensive website on the matter, and brings together thousands of TR, in English though. Always with the objective of learning about the substance, we can also advise Bluelight and Drugs-Forum (less accessible that one perhaps), both in English.

Well I think we all said about the choice of the substance, it goes on with the second part, the purchase of said substances aka how not to buckle his pay in the restoration of façade of a guy that knows not.
2. psychotropic playground has in recent years gained importance and with the advent of the internet. Online sellers have flourished and offer currently dozens of different substances. However, beware!
And yes, you may not be suspect it but vile scoundrels sometimes know (often) behind this beautiful website you found and sells pure LSD to 200% white powder best batch ever sold in the world.
These bad guys are therefore as vendors, take the money you sent them (he also took the CB eh, Z’en not) and they never send anything, since psychotropic they have none . Or in the best case you will be entitled to meal off with something that vaguely effect and more recently as I have had the pleasure to experience something that has the effect that the bodyload. \ O /
These sites have names, these are scams, and their owners are scammers (or scammers as you want).
Let the suspense here and put that URL in your bookmarks if you intending to buy on the net RC:
What is it ? It’s just like it says on the main page the “most accurate and reliable website for Verifying the Legitimacy and reliability of vendors worldwide. “.
This is your weapon of choice to track down the scammers on the net. Just enter the address of a site you’ve found to see if it is a scam or not. The sites are rated out of 10 and users post comments. If by chance the site you have found is not on safeorscam I advise you to go your way, waiting for other people to do the guinea pigs before you.
This site is not a directory where you can view the existing shops, this site only to check if the site we found is a scam or reliable (= reliable / trustable).
Also, you can not create account: this requires to receive an invitation from a member, and since you can not contact them ^^.
Well now that said, we will go to the tips for searching serious shop.

On the one hand it’s ugly and it destroy my ass to condone such a bad graphic designer pays, but in addition it will clearly not inspire confidence.
In the kind that does not inspire confidence either, the shops offering everything Pihkal and TIHKAL. It is impossible, simply. At best the most comprehensive websites offer a great or even twenty grand max 25 substances (I speak here of shops “classic”, no catalogs labs). Beware of ridiculously low price, it is often a bad sign. Just as you will not find a seller offering heroin, MDMA and other street-drugs banned worldwide since Lurettes beautiful.
In this connection some RC are already illegal in our country, the list of drugs in France is available -> here <-.
Finally, flee like the plague classifieds sites (alibaba & co)! This is certainly the best place to buy a cheap lawn mower, but the net is the REPAIRE scammers. There are legitimate shops, but according to statistics provided by my rule of thumb you will be dead before they could taste the products from a reliable seller, unless you really know about it and be ready to clean any alibaba.
Never believe the levels of product purity, and this advice also applies to the good sellers. Avoid all the sites that display a whopping 99.9% -> scam.
Sites that offer the card as means of payment are generally scams in my opinion, always personal findings coupled with checks safeorscam.

Keywords: it is imperative to choose them, you will not go very far with “buy rc”, you will come across the industry model that will not get you anywhere. Avoid as much as possible the French: all shops or almost only speak English. Do not look too psychotropic known names (methylone, …) and if you still want to acquire these substances prefer CAS # of the molecule you want, or IUPAC (you know the kind weird names (S) (+) -N-methyl-1-phenyl-propan-2-amine and others).

I think I gave all the little tips of the coherent search for the rest it is haphazard, and sometimes you scour dozens of pages to google fall on a serious site.

Talking about the means of payment: they exist in the name of 4, 5 say:
1. The money transfer (bank wire) is to go to his bank with the bank details of the seller and to transfer the desired amount. It takes 3 days for the transfer to be made.
2. money order (cash or in email) is to send money by mail (note this is prohibited). Avoid for a first order on a new site.
3. Paypal / CB: no need to draw a picture
4. LibertyReserve variant and others: it is necessary this time through an intermediary site that takes its comission in passing. This method is quite expensive I think, but the account is secure.
5. Western Union / MoneyGram: he must go to a point WU / MG (all positions for WU offices, GPs are more rare) with the seller’s address and the amount in cash + commission taken by WU. The transfer is instant.
I personally have no preference, it’s up to you how you feel. Do not hesitate to play the card of caution if the seller insists that you pay in cash, that’s all.

3. So you’ve bought or are about to buy RC (ah those young), it is now imperative to invest in a balance, said at that. You had € 40 or more to slam into your pouch dope, you’re going to have less than 20 € including shipping to slam into (and this is the moment I released the eternal Totoroiesque link) this beautiful balance?
Attachment 4788
Light, fast, extremely easy to handle, suitable for left handed users, dismantled into 4 parts, undetectable to X-rays, ideal for quick and discreet interventions (monologue from the 5th element). No more seriously it is a balance to milligram for less than € 20 that’s all benef, it is resistant and comes with accessories moult, and especially what interests us is that it is accurate to 0,001g. Well yes, you bought 2c-i whose effects start to 7mg, we have to balance the now. Put yourself well in the skull that a precise balance 0.01 will not be enough, it’s not even worth thinking about. This is especially true with hallucinogens where the dose is in the order of tens of milligrams or milligram for some.

With this balance: simple, a breeze.

No: good in fact it is quite possible, you see it right away, but if you have the opportunity to invest in a balance, do not hesitate, it is more convenient than the method described below.

Well, you have probably guessed, for € 18 including postage, do not expect that this balance rivals its cousins over 2000 €, the Chinese do miracles but still. This balance is not a reliability, and the numbers of the last decimal often moving. So after a lot of user feedback savvy owners of the balance and personal experience, here are tips for successful measurement:
-Always Calibrate the balance before making the first weighing.
([The dome and the weight should not be on the scale at that time] To calibrate, press long on the button “on” until the display shows “O”. Release it at that time . Then will appear on the “10,000” screen, gently put the weight of 10g included, after a few seconds (5 max, the screen will turn on, indicating that the calibration has been performed successfully).
Do not hesitate to repeat the experience if you notice a defect that may falsify the measurement (eg weight posed = 10.124; weight removed = 0.002). No need to start over if the difference is 10 or 20mg, it never does that 0.2% max error.
-The Scales are imprecise enough early in their amplitude, so it is advisable to put the weight on the dome and deposit the proceeds in it, your weighing will be even more reliable.
-Multipliez Measures at least 3 when dealing with a substance that is active in ten mg. Spread the wacky action and weigh again if by chance it happens to you. Then make your average plausible measures, and you get a figure that nearly matches the reality.
Following the very good suggestion from a user, let me add this:
Weighed between 2 different products, consider disinfected tweezers and dome denatured alcohol before starting a new measurement. Indeed, you will weigh or may have weighed hallucinogens that are active at less than 10mg. Or when you pour the contents of the dome in your para, there are some crumbs, you can do anything. If you weigh more without washing your equipment, that tells you that your next trip to 2c-i will not actually 2c-i + 25C-NBOME + 4-AcO-DMT and all the rest? Yeah, it accumulates.
I did the test for you: usually, once calibrated and calibrated my balance displays 2,624g. This figure is still the same with own gear. I made several weighed without cleaning result after 4 times I ask the dome and the balance displays 2,638g or 14mg of unquantifiable proportion substances likely to land in a para. Um, this is embarrassing, as would say firefox.

alternative method for those who do not have to balance. It works just as well as the previous method if we do it well: we will use to do this the properties of liquids * suspense: wink:: wink: *
Not that’s all it is to con pour the powder into a liquid (usually strong alcohol, which has the advantage of diluting a lot of stuff) or water. Yes but be careful: we must first inquire we received the right amount of product, balance tenth of a gram is enough (which will, of z’avez a friend who has one).
[Optional] Following what we weigh what we have, to the benefit of the doubt is removed from the product so that the balance affiche10% less than the theoretical dose (make sure that the balance displays 0.9 g for a program, transferring the product into another pouch). You are not required to do so, but I think it’s a good way to ensure a margin of error (which can come from a balance not very well tuned, for example). [/ Optional]
After your margin of safety, do as if you had bought the dose, the concept of margin of safety. Then you buy a bottle of vodka 70cl (you will not miss later to decorate with beautiful skulls everywhere, hazard signs and hide under your bed, just as boozers service who serve you mates do donned the item). So I poured my gram (actually your 0.9g but shhh!) In the bottle. Is closed all, shaken, and there miracle: the grains of material are evenly distributed throughout the bottle, allowing to make very accurate measurement.
We want to 16mg dose? Fastoche, we know that we in 70cl 1g, with a stupid cross product is made the following calculation: 70 * 16/1000 = = 11.2mL 1.12cL gold that’s good, syringes (without needles eh) graduated c ‘ is not what is lacking in the pharmacy, so you just take the amount of fluid you need in the bottle and then passes to the outlet.
Normally strong alcohol (40 ° or +) is a good diluent. It may be that the water also do the trick, except for products in base form, so the benefit of the doubt prefer alcohol, and worse is not with 2cl of vodka at any fart you’ll be Rebou of anyway.

4. Last important point of this post, the product outlet. Before any session, make sure you are not allergic to the product, this is rare but can happen. Take one or 2 mg powder and your taste then. It does not give you any effect, but it is wanted. If you start to turn red and your tongue swells? Doctor. Otherwise if after 1 hour and a half -2 hours you do not notice any change, congratulations! You are not allergic. It is imperative to take the test to all people who will take this substance. Do not do it in a hurry, prefer the eve of the trip to this test. That said let us get big subject.

You are aware that a hallucinogenic experience can happen in 1,001 different ways, from the transcendental experience the worst bad death that kills through any experience a crazy session endless laughter fart abs among friends. Each experience is unique, brings a lot of (meta) knowledge, issues, redundancy, fears more or less marked, etc.
We will now address the concept of Set & setting. Behind this Anglicism hide the conditions that make a trip more likely to proceed in a certain way.

The setting: it is the material conditions when taking a substance, which includes among others the place, attendees, music, and a lot of settings you can change part. When taking psychedelic, especially for the novice, it is advised that the session takes place in small groups (5 people seems to me to be a maximum) and in a nice place, a room with subdued lighting and relaxing music (or not, it depends on taste but is keen enough hardcore metal I assure you that it does not pass necessarily very good and it can create an oppressive atmosphere) are it seems optimal conditions for a pleasant trip. It is important to note that to avoid the anguish at the con, you must have 24 hours before you. Take 2c-i to 21 hours when we bump noon the following day is a very bad idea, as have parents who are likely to return at night will make you stress out like crazy. So plan broad, which means concretely duration of the trip + dodo, making about 24 hours a hallucinogen “standard.” In addition, during the trip, it is ESSENTIAL to provide water bottles. We must drink regularly and in small sips, it is useless to go down in 50cl once every 2 hours. Well do not drink until the explosion, but you moisturize regularly anyway. Plan to snacks if necessary, the rice pudding and fruit going very well and are very nutritious, 5 fruits and vegetables daily, coughed. That’s the setting.

The set: it is the state of mind in which you find yourself, fatigue, physical pain, this mess is to consider if you want an enjoyable trip. So if you’ve got dumped yesterday by the love of your life and you have farted fibula refuse blotting your buddy behind you gently, or you may regret it. An excellent set & setting does not provide assurance from a great trip, but it dramatically decreases the possibilities of unpleasant trip or a bad trip (they are two different things, a trip can be experienced as bad, but a bad trip you downright plunges into the darkest depths of your conscience and for several hours, these are two completely different things). It is necessary to remember that people with psychiatric disorders must always refrain from taking these substances, while those who have previously observed these disorders in their families must remain vigilant for their own consumption.

Dose: for first, aim at the threshold or just above if you want. Generally the hallucinogenic taken orally are: what is the most respectful way for the body (with exceptions, such AM-694 which forms hydrofluoric acid in the stomach, thank you the unscrupulous shops!) but you can have all taken orally. Particularly 2c-x! Not only will you experience a burning absolutely atrocious if you snort them (kind runny nose for half an hour after bonus), and pain = the product corrodes the nasal septum, there’s no good, but also the dosage is hazardous and you may take you a sacred slap in the face. If you ever do it anyway, divide the dose by 3 insufflation (eg 24mg in oral + – = 8mg by sniff), it is IMPERATIVE. If it can deter sniffer 2c-x, I recall that the deaths occurred when taking 2c-t-x (well that family is more conducive to OD apparently), and not especially huge dose. Also with many hallucinogenic effects do not increase in proportion to the dose, but rather exponentially. So 16 to 18mg the effect will not be 12.5% stronger, but maybe twice, it’s surprising I assure you. So aim it easy if you do not want to find yourself embarked on a transcendental experience when you were just messing expected.
Allow more or less your playlist, music that everyone enjoys well over. Candles are not recommended, unless you have a sitter, and again!
Avoid alcohol, as far as possible, if one or two beers are not a problem, the fact that drinking too will fuck your trip, you will go down. Well it’s not medically dangerous, at least not until ethyl coma, but I find it stupid to turn a hallucinogenic session mouth jam, it’s a waste I think.
If you have anxiolytic, do not rush at you from the first short climb of anxiety, it is a bullshit in my opinion.

Well I do not know what else to say, there’s certainly tons of stuff to add, your suggestions are welcome.